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No Eye Problem, But Eyes Get Uncomfortable While Using Digital Screens. Here’s What You Should Know.

    We all know that eye problems cause discomfort with prolonged use of computers, phones and other devices with digital screens. But do you know that even with good vision, your eyes can get uncomfortable while using digital screens? The reason is simple.

    The main cause of eye discomfort with digital screen use is the extended use of the devices, not underlying eye problems.

    Normal functioning eyes work harder to focus well on screens when compared to printed materials, and this can cause discomfort after an extended period of digital screen use.

    What role do eye problems play?

    Eye problems play a contributory role.

    When there are underlying problems, the eyes work even harder than normal eyes to focus well. This triggers eye discomfort earlier than normal, and the symptoms are often more severe than in people without underlying problems.

    So, whether you have an eye problem or not, if you spend long hours staring at your digital devices, your eyes will get uncomfortable after some time. Eye problems only make this worse.

    Why does the eye work harder while looking at digital screens?

    Some of the unique features of digital devices and the way they are used conflict with the normal functioning of the eyes and body and so cause problems.

    Problems like…….

    #1- Excessive strain on eye-focusing muscles because they contract for long hours without rest during prolonged digital device use.

    #2- Increased sensitivity to light, especially, the high-energy blue light that scatters easily.

    #3- Decreased eye lubrication that occurs when you stare at the screen continuously and fail to blink often.

    4- Inadequate eye breaks and rest. Either due to the individuals’ habits or their nature of work, which can make them forget to take breaks in between device use.

    #5- Poor posture resulting from uncomfortable workstations or naturally bad posture.


    Symptoms you may experience after using your devices for 1-2 hours without breaks include:

    • Headaches and brow aches
    • Light or glare sensitivity
    • Burning, mildly itchy or irritated eyes
    • Dry eye with episodes of tearing
    • Blurry vision that improves with blinking
    • Tired eyes
    • Neck, shoulder or back ache
    • Difficulty concentrating

    What to do about your symptoms

    If you have not done an eye exam in the past year, or symptoms are severe, check your eyes and get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

    If underlying problems have been ruled out or taken care of, do the following:

    • Work with comfortable screens in comfortable environments.
    • Protect your eyes while working with glasses and/or screen filters that adequately minimize exposure to harmful blue light, light reflections and screen glare.
    • Learn healthy digital habits and build a good routine to apply them consistently.

    Learn about the Digital Device User’s Routine for 24/7 Eye Comfort at the Digital Community Clinic.