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My Light Sensitivity Glasses: The Only Type of Glasses that Gives Me Maximum Comfort on My Digital Devices

    Someone asked me about these particular pair of glasses and I thought it would be a great idea to share information about it here.

    My light sensitivity glasses are a pair of glasses fitted with a superior brand of photochromic lenses. The lenses are clear indoors and darken automatically outdoors. 

    They block off light reflections, eliminate glare, filter harmful blue light and block 100% of UV rays. These features help reduce eyestrain, discomfort, and the risk of eye diseases caused by excessive exposure to UV rays.


    A couple of years back, I gradually became sensitive to the light from my digital devices. I adjusted my screen settings, but that didn’t help. Instead, I started getting headaches after reducing the brightness of my screens because I had to strain more to read the poorly illuminated screen.

    Eye exam did not reveal any other underlying cause of light sensitivity. So, I got a pair of anti-blue glasses. That helped a bit, but my eyes still got uncomfortable after looking at the screen for a while. I then decided to upgrade to this pair of glasses with superior quality photochromic anti-blue lenses. Now, I do not experience light sensitivity on my digital devices as long as I have the glasses on.

    So, I wear them to avoid light sensitivity from my devices. They also come in handy whenever I need to step out of my office on a very sunny day and my sunglasses are at home.


    The lenses have some elements embedded in them that are clear indoors but on exposure to the sun/UV rays undergo a chemical process that makes the lenses darken. The extent of darkening depends on the amount of UV radiation the lenses get exposed to. The more UV radiation, the darker the lenses and vice versa. After spending some time outside, when you go back indoors with the darkened lenses, the elements embedded in them reverse the chemical process, and the lenses gradually become clear again


    Here are some advantages of these glasses;

    #1 Protects the eyes

    The lenses protect the eyes against discomfort and damage by light reflections, harmful blue light and UV rays.

    #2 Provides clearer and more comfortable vision

    They block off light reflections and eliminate glare, making vision clearer and more comfortable compared with lenses that do not have these features.

    #3 Gives you more value for your money

    The ability to wear this pair of glasses indoors and outdoors with vision remaining clear, comfortable and protected is of immense value. If you need glasses to see at all times, it is more cost-effective to get a pair of all-in-one light sensitivity glasses than to purchase two different pairs of glasses, one with an anti-reflective coating for indoor use and a pair of sunglasses for outdoor use.

    #4 They are convenient

    With these glasses, you do not need to switch between different pairs of glasses while performing your indoor and outdoor activities. This is very convenient.


    Every great eye health solution also has its cons, and here are two major ones for these glasses.

    #1 Takes a longer time to clear up after getting dark

    The reaction time of lenses when moving indoors is longer than when moving outdoors. It takes about a minute for the lenses to darken outdoors and about 5 minutes to become clear indoors. Some people may find this annoying, especially when they have to go into a dark room after spending time outside on a bright sunny day.

    #2 They do not get as dark as sunglasses outdoors

    Although these glasses darken outdoors and are perfect for a majority of people, they do not get as dark as sunglasses and so may not be enough for some people who suffer from extreme light sensitivity.


    Good quality anti-blue lenses are great for relieving light sensitivity associated with digital device use. But, if they do not serve you well enough, upgrading to a premium quality photochromic anti-blue lenses may help.

    On a general note, however, I consider these light sensitivity glasses the most suitable all-in-one solution for people who need glasses to see well and are also light-sensitive. If this is your situation, then the glasses may be a great option for you. But, if your case of light sensitivity is extreme, you may want to consider getting a separate pair of polarized sunglasses for outdoor use.

    For more personalized recommendations, consult your eye doctor.