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Self Help Guides

Are you a middle-aged (35 – 65 year-old) person with an eye symptom? Are you confused about the right action to take? Do you want to avoid making eye care mistakes? Would you love practical tips and advice on how to manage your symptoms?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, you are in the right place. My self-help guides are designed to help you.

These self help guides can help you make decisions on middle age eye issues easily. They tell you when to manage symptoms on your own and when to seek professional care. They also offer practical tips and advice for managing symptoms at home.

They simply work by asking you some questions. Then, based on your responses, provide more tailored advice and guidance on on your symptoms. They are, however, not intended to replace eye exams, diagnosis and treatment by your eye doctor.

Two self-help guides are ready for use, while more are still in the works.

Click on the images below to get started.

NOTE: For personalized advice and guidance, speak with Dr Rose. For eye exam, diagnosis and treatment, visit the clinic.

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